Savoy Laminates and Worktops Blackpool - Kitchen worktop not fit for purpose

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We recently purchased a 30mm sparkle worktop that states that its suitable for bathrooms or the kitchen from Savoy Laminates and Wortktops (the Blackpool branch).Due to a limit on our budget we went ahead with the belief that this worktop would compliment our new kitchen.

Only recently has our kitchen been fully completed and we are very disappointed with the worktop. I had burned a heavy bottomed candle that has left a white faded patch and a warm (not hot) dish has created the same white shaded patch which is very noticeable against the black. I appreciate that they have a statement saying that the laminate can be damaged but I would never have went ahead purchasing it if we had know just how EASILY the worktop marks. NOT a suitable product for a kitchen were there is heated items around all the time.

We are very let down by the quality of this product. I have contacted the company a couple of times now and have had no response from them. We are hoping to sell our house as we are moving abroad but how disappointing that our brand new kitchen has such a flaw.

On the companys website they have reviews posted of how pleased customers are with the products and service they received, I tried to post a review but Savoy laminates check the reviews before they post them.Very disappointed and definitely a product not fit for purpose.



Using wooden kitchen worktops has made it easier to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen area. They are actually stain-free, and it takes no time in regaining their gloss by simply wiping them with damp cloth.

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